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Oct 17 2020


New Kid on the Guac – Eat adventurously, live freely



Eat adventurously, live freely


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Life is about balance. My personal food philosophy focuses on a holistic approach to wellness, with wholesome and delicious foods to fuel an active and adventurous lifestyle. Read More																	Chimichurri Cauliflower “Steak”		January 30, 2018.Reading time 3 minutes.												What does one do with their perfected chimichurri, you ask? Up the ante, of course. Live life on the wild side. So instead of reaching for chicken or steak when I made my usual weekend grocery run, I bought a head of cauliflower. And thus, the Cauliflower Chimichurri “Steak” was born.Read More																										Torchy’s Tacos – Austin, TX		October 3, 2017.Reading time 4 minutes.												I should probably preface this rant with the following statement: I have eaten a lot of tacos. A LOT of tacos. Way more than the average person. Everyone always says our bodies are made up of 60% water, but honestly, I think I’m 60% tacos. So when I was visiting Austin, TX a couple months ago […]Read More																	Top 6 Bakeries You Have to Eat at in San Francisco		June 26, 2017.Reading time 11 minutes.												Trust me, I get it: San Francisco is overwhelming to a newbie. Especially if you are visiting for a short time and want to make the most out of your San Francisco dining experience. I had a full year to conquer the eating extravaganza that is SF and still left feeling unaccomplished. So let me do you a solid and guide you through one of the most important categories: baked goods.  San Francisco’s baked good game is STRONG, and I don’t want you to waste one single moment in the lands of mediocrity. So do your homework and read up on the best spots to visit when you want to eat dessert for breakfast. You’re welcome.Read More																	Salmon Sweet Potato Cakes with Lemon Herb Aioli		June 16, 2017.Reading time 5 minutes.												The other day I made salmon for dinner and brought leftovers for lunch the next day. Yup, I was that girl that was making the break area smell like the Pacific Ocean. I honestly just owned it, because it was ridiculously good salmon and I was not about to wait until dinner to dive into leftovers. The world needs more recipes that you are willing to stink up the office for, am I right?! Read More																	What I Learned On Whole30		June 4, 2017.Reading time 11 minutes.												I am not a dieter. In reality, I’m the farthest thing from it – I’m an eater. I love food. I love exploring with new flavors, cooking up a storm, trying unique restaurants, and embracing different eating experiences. In that same arena, I love healthy foods. I love the idea of fueling my body with nutrient-dense ingredients that will help me power through when I challenge myself to run faster or hike harder than ever before.As a registered dietitian, I think it’s important to stay knowledgable of the latest and greatest trends in the nutrition world. So when Whole30 started gaining more and more traction, I knew it was time I give it a whirl for myself and see if it lived up to the hype. Here’s what I learned. Read More																	Avocado Chicken Salad		May 31, 2017.Reading time 3 minutes.												Is it just me, or is chicken salad like a blank canvas when it comes to personalization? Everyone has their own way of doing it. Grapes, celery, nuts… you name it, someone has tried it. It’s pretty much a free for all. And while I totally love surprises and spontaneity, sometimes that’s just not what you want when ordering lunch.Read More																	8 Ways to Add the ‘Holy Moly’ to Your Guacamole		May 3, 2017.Reading time 4 minutes.												So you like guacamole. Join the tribe. There are 10 million of us. And if you are a whiz in the kitchen, you probably have some type of go-to guac recipe that is “the best of all time”. Take your guac to the next level with these game-changer additions. Read More																	Easy Kitchen Hacks to Reduce Food Waste at Home		April 21, 2017.Reading time 7 minutes.												I hear you – using up all of your food is HARD. WORK. It requires planning and preparation and a lot of freaking creativity. If you’re an adventurous whiz in the kitchen (or even if you’re not), chances are your fridge may be stocked with a lot of one-off ingredients that you have no idea how to utilize before they expire.Read More																	Two Urban Licks – Atlanta, GA		April 6, 2017.Reading time 6 minutes.												Am I the only one who has a ‘Wanderlust Eats’ note saved in my phone with lists of restaurants in different cities? I have restaurants saved from Atlanta to Seattle and everywhere in between. Normally, this list generates 90% of my travel plans in any given city. So when I found out I’d be traveling to Atlanta for work, I started planning the eating experience before I even booked my flight, too anxious to wait another minute. Two Urban Licks wasn’t on the list at the time, and boy what a mistake it would have been to miss out on this gem during my 48 hours in Atlanta. Read More																	Caulifornia Breakfast Bowl		March 17, 2017.Reading time 4 minutes.												Here’s a general summary of my sentiment toward cauliflower: I love cauliflower. It’s this super versatile vegetable wrapped in a seemingly boring appearance, but with so many possibilities. From riced cauliflower to mashed cauliflower to cauliflower buffalo wings to cauliflower pizza crusts, the opportunities are endless and it BLOWS. MY. MIND.Read More																Posts navigation		Older posts																	Marissa Thiry, RDN.widget.widget_media_image { overflow: hidden; }.widget.widget_media_image img { height: auto; max-width: 100%; }Hi there, New Kid here! I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, passionate about health, wellness, and delicious food. I love innovating in the kitchen, trying the unique flavors of different cultures, and learning about the newest health and wellness trends. Enjoy! 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